Nobody likes the look of fading paint and unfortunately there is'nt much you can do to keep it from happening to your ride. The things you can do are, wash your car once a week with a proper car wash that polishes your car at the same time, or polish it using the wax on wax off technique . Polish helps protect against fading paint because it leaves a very thin layer of wax on the paint that will protect it from uv sun rays and also help make water run off your car instead of just beading up and baking in the sun, leaving water rings. The number one way to protect your car paint from fading is to keep it in the shade as much as possible, even if that means using a car cover.

Has your paint already started to fade? Yeah sure, you can keep polishing, but eventually the fading will get worse and soon enough the clear coat will start to peel off. It can be quite expensive to get it repaired professionally. Especially if the paint has peeled over the bonet, roof and boot lid altogether. But lucky enough fixing peeling paint yourself is one of the more easier jobs when it comes to painting your own car.

Some cars dont actually have a clear coat because they have been sprayed with a 2k solid gloss colour that does'nt require a clear coat. When the paint on these cars fade they can sometimes be buffed back to there original gloss and shine. It's worth finding out if your fading paint can be buffed before you go sanding into it. Common cars that have 2k paint are most solid red colours with no metallic or pearl. In other words, cars with straight bright red paint.

faiding paint on a car

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