Car painting. Why should you work on your own car??? Answers: Save money, make money, impress friends and family or create a custom one off personal look that sets you apart from the crowd. If you like the sound of any of these answers then this is the site for you.

diy-car-painting.com is going to show you everything you need to repair, paint and customise cars. Best of all, this site is 100% FREE and simple to use, with how to text, pictures and videos.

Are you wanting to save money? But at the same time do you want the best possible paint job sprayed on your car? Then this is the site for you. Over 80% of the work involved in car painting is preperation work, work that you yourself CAN DO. Use this site to help you prep your own car and then pay a professional to spray the paint, this will save you thousands of dollars and at the same time you will have a flawless paint job.

Car painting. Simply use the nav bar to the left of this text to navagate your way through my site. I have put everything in order from top to bottom. However, if you know what your looking for then go straight to it, but for your own benifit stay awhile and skim through my whole site you may find somthing worth learning.

Rest assured the information on this site is well backed up with my 7+ years experience in automotive spraypainting, were i have done everything from rust and dent repairs, frame painting, interior painting, custom paint jobs, restoration work and much much more.

Getting started for car painting
Getting started. Car painting overview, how far you will have to go to repair your car
Recommended car painting products and more
How to use, car painting products the professionals use. Car care products
car spraypainting tools
find out what tools you will need to paint your own car.
stone chips
Information on everything to do with stone chips. how to prevent and how to fix.
Learn how to repair and paint scratches, or buff out light surface scratches.
fading paint
Is the paint on your car fading? Has your clear coat peeled right off? Learn how to fix it yourself at diy car painting.com
crazy cracks
Need to learn how to fix crazy cracks the right way so that thay never return? You'll find everything you need to know here + more.
Everything you need to know about fixing all size dents, from start to finish.
Rust, the cancer to cars. Learn how to fix rust right the first time and prevent it from happening again.
learn restoration skills free and bring your classic car back to its former glory
Masking for primer
Masking for primer so you dont get unwanted overspray, How to, soft edged primer lines and much more. free website
spraying primer
Click here to learn everything you need to know about spraying primer on cars for free.
panel preperation
Panel preperation. Here you will find out everything you need to know on how to prep panels for paint work and much more, free site
base coat
Here you will find out what it takes when spraying base coat onto your car, aswel as helpful tips in the videos and much more
2k colour coats
2k colour coats, spray 2k colours, 2k colour info. find out how to spray 2k colour coats and much more, free site
2k clear coats
Learn how to spray 2k clear coats and much more, free site 2k clear coat info
buffing paint
buffing paint. here you will find out how to do all types of paint buffing on cars. colour sanding
How to mask a small dent
Here you will learn how to mask a small dent correctly, no primer lines or overspray. free site
car painting gallery
car painting gallery for diy-car-painting.com

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